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Why Private Therapy?: Services
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In order to receive public school speech therapy services, eligibility is determined by strict criteria outlined by state and federal law:

  1. the presence of disability (i.e. in the realm of communication)

  2. the disability results in the inability to make effective progress in school*

  3. the child requires special education services in order to make progress 

*This requirement is essential to qualifying for school-based services. If the school is unable to formally document this adverse effect on school performance, your child may not be removed from the general education setting to receive special education services. 

If your child presents with a speech sound impairment and does not qualify for school or agency-based speech therapy, this does not necessarily mean that your child does not need or would not benefit from services. 

We treat children of all ages, from pre-schoolers to teens, with any type and degree of speech sound impairment. 

Child In Speech Therapy


Schools are legally required to provide enough support to demonstrate adequate progress in accessing the curriculum. They are not required to maximize progress by providing intense services. As a result, the school setting may not lend itself to the appropriate treatment intensity (i.e. “dose” within a single session, session length, frequency of services) that research indicates is required for effective and efficient remediation of speech sound disorders.

Additionally, school-based services are often provided in a group setting. It is not uncommon for a speech-language pathologist to be responsible for treating up to 5-6 children, each with different therapy goals, in a single 30 or 45-minute treatment session. In this situation, focused time with the SLP is minimal and your child may not be reaching the high number of practice trials in a single session that are necessary to yield improvement. This results in slow progress, possibly more overall time in therapy than would otherwise be necessary, and more time spent out of the general education classroom. 

We offer individualized, flexible, and fully customizable service delivery options to suit your child’s specific needs and your family’s schedule. 

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Collaborating with family and caregivers is the key to effective therapy. Our in-home therapy approach, whether at your residence or via teletherapy, enables you to be actively involved in your child’s sessions as we explain and demonstrate our research-based rationales and strategies while ensuring that all of your questions are answered along the way. 

When appropriate, we develop and provide instruction in home practice programs, providing you with any materials and supports necessary, to promote carryover and optimize your child’s success outside of treatment. 

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